The foundation philosophy of the Motif Foundation has been the service to science and has given priority to public science in carrying out this service. For this purpose "International Folklor Symposiums" were held and journals and books were published in the field of folklore. In addition, we have been continuing to provide a steady manner every year since 1995 Motif Folklore Award The number of people, institutions and organizations has reached 295.

"International Folklore Symposium" held by Motif Association as follows:

  • "International Symposium on the Evaluation of Turkish Folklore in terms of Tourism" in 2000 within the collaboration of T.R Ministry of Culture and Tourism,
  • 2001 “International Symposium on Folk Culture in the Framework of GAP Gaziantep in cooperation with Gaziantep University,
  • 2002 International Symposium on the Evaluation of Folk Cultures in cooperation with Sakarya University,
  • International Symposium on the Contribution of Folk Cultures to International Relations in 2003 with the cooperation of Istanbul University,
  • "International Symposium on Change in Folk Culture" in cooperation with Kocaeli University in 2004,
  • 2005 ”International Symposium on Conservation, Conservation and Future of Culture of Folk Cultures” in cooperation with Kocaeli University,
  • In 2006, in cooperation with Eskişehir Osmangazi University,
  • 2007 ”International Symposium on Folk Music Instruments in cooperation with Kocaeli University,
  • "International Symposium on Theater in Folk Culture", in collaboration with Yeditepe University in 2008,
  • "International Symposium on Entertainment in Folk Culture" in cooperation with Kocaeli University in 2009,
  • "International Symposium on Migration in Folk Culture" in cooperation with Balıkesir University in 2010,
  • "Turkish Folklore Studies Congress" in cooperation with İstanbul Kultur University in 2011,
  • "International Symposium on Economy and Trade in Folk Culture" in cooperation with Harran University in 2012,
  • In 2013, in cooperation with Namık Kemal University, "International Water Symposium on Folk Culture",
  • "International Turkish Culture Congress" in cooperation with Hacettepe University in 2014,
  • "International Symposium on Women in Folk Culture" in cooperation with Harran University in 2015,
  • "International Symposium on Family Culture in Family Culture" in cooperation with Trakya University in 2016,
  • "International Symposium on Soil in Folk Culture" in cooperation with Cumhuriyet University in 2017.


Motif Foundation has been continuing its publication since 1995 ”Motif Magazine“is an international arbitrator prepared with scientific articles of academicians who are experts in their fields. Gisi Motif Academy Folklore Magazine “ and Public Science Symposiums ”Symposium Proceedings“It is an important collection of folk science that the Motif Foundation will inherit to future generations. It sends all of its magazines and books to public libraries, university libraries and libraries of public education directorates free of charge. In this way, people who want to investigate folk culture more in academic and artistic terms can easily reach our academic publications.  

 ”Motif Foundation Publications“, within the scope of the publication series, books on folklore have been published and an important task has been performed in the name of folk culture publishing. The Motif Foundation also added "Handbook of Folklore" to its publications and reached out to the youth attending Turkish universities. Our Foundation, aiming to sign national and international scientific projects, will expand its network of academic publications.    

Launched in 2014 ”Motif Academy Folklore School“, a 1-week training program is implemented by bringing together masters and PhD students from abroad with the veterans of the field. At the Motif Academy Folklore Schools organized by the cooperation of our universities, participants are given certificates. The Motif Academy of Folklore School, which meets the students of the graduate program and the veterans of the field, will continue with the participation of different academicians and different subjects every year.   

Motif Foundation and the Turkish folk culture of preserving and academic and artistic works, which are executed for transmitting to future generations by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey in 2010 was crowned by Parliament Distinguished Service Award. The lor High Service to Azerbaijan Folklore Award ü presented to the Motif Foundation by the National Academy of Sciences in 2011 was a sign that the Motif Foundation's services have earned the rightful place worldwide.   

Since 1988, Motif Foundation has started to carry out academic studies in the field of social sciences by expanding its folklore-based academic field of study. ”Motif International Social Sciences Symposium“ has expanded its vision. As of 2019, it will start to organize in the same field ”Motif Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Science Congress Series“ and interdisciplinary studies in the social sciences will not be organized in a new topic every year. Also adding a new one to the academic activities on folklore ”Motif International Young Folklore Congress“ also implemented.


The Motif Foundation, which expands its boundaries in service to science and aims at greater success in each activity than the previous one, is determined to walk towards new horizons.

Mehmet Zeki BAYKAL

Chairman of the Board



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